Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Oct 20, 2009: BPMA rallies with no news

BPMA long range
BPMA day
BPMA intraday

Yesterday BPMA had a moderate size rally with no news to explain it. The event is seen as a sharp spike in both price and volume.

I keep archiving penny-stock explosive events with the vision that such a gallery will prove helpful in creating an automated trigger for such events. I am interested to know how such easily detectable events change the odds in the subsequent history of the stock. Do they make it more likely for the stock to go up next day? To go down? So far there is no conclusive answer but the good news is that such events happen at the rate of the order of once a day which means that in a few months one will be able to speak about some probability estimates with a few percent accuracy.

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