Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tim Sykes' VRMLQ trade, Oct 16, 2009

VRMLQ chart
The trade is listed on Tim's site with the "buy" at $16.79 and "sell" at $18.65. Stock's day's Range on Oct 16 according to Yahoo! was 17.30 - 19.29; so the entry point must have been Oct 15. Apparently the stock's opening with a gap on Oct 15 served as a buy signal. Volume on the contrary seems not particularly informative.

You need logarithmic scale to see the levels from which the stock rose in a matter of a few weeks:

VRMLQ linear scale

Sure enough on Sept 11 I would call this stock a Supernova candidate, but its dynamics so far is very robust -- looks more robust and sustainable than most Supernova candidates. So far this is the first Supernova-like stock discussed in this blog where after the day of the initial explosion, the stock gapped up on the next trading day. Typically they pull back next day.


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