Monday, January 28, 2013

Free sources of quality investment analytics

Below is a selection of free investment analytics resources which you can turn to in search of an alternative point of view or to add an extra dimension to your picture of the financial markets.
There are important legal caveats: these information sources are hedge funds, private banking institutions and other entities which cater to sophisticated investors and are often not allowed to advertise themselves to the general public. For example, Rotschild Bank and Trust states that the publications it hosts on its web site are not to be made available to US persons and are not to be circulated within the USA.
  • Arsago shares some of its research on the web, it seems to be focused on what the firm believes to be the hottest buy ideas.
  • Ashburton publishes strategy updates on the Web every few months or so. The Latest News section of the site is updated more frequently.
  • Charlemagne Capital specializes in emerging markets. On its web site, the company publishes brief reports highlighting specific countries and regions "from time to time and in response to market developments".
  • Jyske Bank has a market information section with daily updates, the topics include equities, corporate and government bonds, economic news, currencies and commodities.
  • Komodo Capital: investment Outlook reports present Komodo's macroeconomic views. The reports are updated quarterly. The approach strives to place the current economic and market situation in the proper historical and theoretical context. The focus is on Asia where Komodo operates.
  • Rothschild Bank and Trust, the name that needs no introduction, has a web site featuring free research. The Asset Allocation Reports are updated on the monthly basis, and the In Focus newsletter covers the big picture topics and long-term trends.
  • CQS, a global multi-strategy asset-manager, occasionally publishes CQS Insights.
  • GLG Partners has a GLG View column with macroeconomic updates.
  • Sprott Asset Management LP has an extensive Market Insights section with regular updates in the subsections of Markets at a Glance, Precious Metals Watch, and Macro Economic Watch.
  • Rockefeller Financial Services maintain a Global Foresight section with quarterly updates.